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Controlling mosquitoes is accomplished through a multitude of control tactics and if you really want to do a complete job, you will need an understanding of mosquito biology, ecology, and behavior. For some of you, we have some quick “Just give me a mosquito repellent recipe to make” solutions. For others of you, we have breeding grounds solutions, homemade mosquito foggers, natural mosquito control, mosquito repellent recipes, suggestions if you are going to buy products, and suggestions if you are going to hire help. We have provided you one of the best list of mosquito repellent plants on the internet.

Mosquitoes have impacted us throughout history and have been responsible for public health impacts by transmitting diseases that have caused the deaths of millions of humans and animals. Mosquitoes are the primary vectors (sources) of many of the world’s most deadly diseases. Among these are Malaria, Dengue Fever, Yellow Fever, and Viral Encephalitis. Mosquitoes are responsible for spreading these diseases in to new areas that had not experienced these diseases in the past. Besides carrying diseases, there are people that are allergic to mosquito bites and have bad reactions that can threaten their lives. Currently there are more than 3,000 mosquito species worldwide, with 174 of these species occurring in North America. States vary in mosquito populations, for example Texas has 85 mosquito species. You can read about mega types like the Gallinipper Mosquito

Our goal is to give you the best mosquito control solutions in one place. We want to give you all the tools for backyard mosquito control We offer as little or as much information as you need to control these pests. For the analytical types, we will have information about the different types of mosquitoes, the different diseases they carry, and everything you need to know about where they hide and how to protect yourself from these various types of mosquitoes. For the generalist, we will give you the basics without bogging you down with unnecessary details. Since different areas have different types of mosquitoes and different types of mosquitoes have different hiding places, different biting times, and different breeding preferences, we do encourage you to read enough articles so that you know your target mosquito pests and the best way to protect yourself from them.

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