DIY Mosquito Trap

Homemade mosquito trap

Mosquito traps come in all shapes and sizes, all levels of skill to make, and all price ranges. If you are just wanting to cut down on mosquitoes while you enjoy your patio, this DIY mosquito trap is probably not for you. If you are interested in trapping and killing hundreds of mosquitoes every night to reduce mosquito populations, reducing breeding, or just to look at them and see what kinds of mosquitoes you have in your area, this is probably a mosquito trap you will be interested in making. You only need a fan (you can find great ones at yard sales or pawn shops), a little mosquito netting (Wal-Mart or a store with camping supplies), a few magnets to hold the mosquito netting to the fan(hardware store), and some alcohol to actually kill the mosquitoes with after you have trapped them.
The guy in the video lives in Florida where the giant Gallinipper mosquitoes are a huge problem.

If you make this DIY mosquito trap, leave us a comment and let us know how it worked for you. If you have ideas to make it better, let us know that as well. Good luck and happy hunting.

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