Mosquito Barrier – Liquid Spray Repellent


Mosquito Barrier - Liquid Spray Repellent
Mosquito Barrier - Liquid Spray Repellent is an all-natural concentrated liquid that, when diluted properly, kills adult mosquitoes on contact. The garlic oil allows the liquid to have a residual effect and keeps mosquitoes away for 30 days or longer. When treating large areas, any immature mosquito larvae are suffocated, preventing an emergence of new mosquitoes.

Mosquito Barrier is made from special garlic that is much stronger than regular garlic. It is grown and shipped from California. I use Mosquito Barrier at my own house and it smells like an Italian restaurant for about a week when I go outside. Sometime I do mix it with an all purpose insecticide so that it gets the ants better. When you start spraying you can literally see the insects running away from where you are spraying.

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With the risk of West Nile Virus, I had all but abandoned by patio because of the mosquito problem. I can’t use chemicals because of my dogs, so Mosquito Barrier is a godsend. I started using Mosquito Barrier two weeks ago and I have had a completely mosquito free patio!

I have a problem with the Asian Tiger mosquito, the one that transmits West Nile, and have had no luck with other sprays. After using double the amount of Mosquito Barrier, I can now say that I have not had any problems with mosquitoes where I have sprayed. There are still tons of them in areas that I have not treated. Those areas are next on my list. The smell dissipates quickly.

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