Cedar Oil for Mosquito Control

Cedar oil

Cedar oil

Cedar Oil for Mosquito Control
What is Cedar Oil?

When you are seeking a natural substance to control mosquitoes on a property, then cedar oil is an excellent choice. Mosquitoes are blood-sucking insects that thrive in most regions around the world, and unfortunately, you can develop a serious illness from only one bite from a mosquito that is carrying infectious pathogens in its mouthparts or saliva. Instead of using manufactured chemicals to control this insect, you can use applications of safe and natural cedar oil. Cedar oil is derived with a distillation process from the roots, wood and foliage of conifer trees that are part of the cypress and pine families.

Types of Cedar Oil Products to Use to Deter Mosquitoes

One of the reasons that some ancient people built their homes with cedarwood shingles or made a home’s furniture from cedarwood was to keep mosquitoes away. Eventually, people learned how to extract the fragrant oil from cedarwood, and they began to use it in a variety of ways. Long ago, people would put cedar oil directly on their skin to repel mosquitoes, and the substance also imparts a unique fragrance that is similar to some perfumes. Today, it is possible to buy an assortment of products that contain cedar oil, including:

• Soap – useful while hiking to prevent mosquito bites
• Candles – to burn while having a cookout to repel mosquitoes
• Lotions and creams – used as repellents and beauty products
• Air fresheners – used to impart an enjoyable fragrance
• Furniture treatments – applied to outdoor furniture
• Hair care products – to prevent insect bites on the scalp
• Pet care products – to keep mosquitoes from biting dogs or cats
• Laundry detergent – designed for washing outdoor clothing

How to Use Cedar Oil to Deter Mosquitoes

Cedar oil products are safe to use on most pets, people and household goods to repel mosquitoes and many other types of insects. The odor from cedarwood is offensive to insects such as fleas and ticks, making it a great way to repel numerous types of pests naturally. Homeowners can use an application of liquid cedar oil on wooden decks or around window frames to deter mosquitoes. It is easy to pour cedar oil in a spray bottle to apply to surfaces again as rainwater washes away the oil. When having picnics, you can place containers of cedar oil on the tables to deter mosquitoes. It is a good idea to keep a small bottle of cedar oil in your vehicle’s glove compartment to use when going on a walk at the park.

Cedar Oil is a Natural Mosquito Repellent

In addition to buying liquid cedar oil, you can find cedar granules to place in containers or sprinkle on lawns. Many homeowners buy cedar mulch to place around their homes or trees to repel biting insects such as mosquitoes, and when mulch begins to dry, it is possible to soak it in cedar oil to make it useful again. No one knows what the long-term effects of manufactured insect repellents are, but some experts believe artificial insect repellents can lead to health problems such as cancer or reduced immunity levels. However, cedar oil has been used for many years by individuals all over the world who only had access to this natural item.

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