How to Keep Mosquitoes Away



Control Mosquitoes

How to Keep Mosquitoes Away
Avoid Contracting an Illness from Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are blood-sucking insects that are capable of transmitting serious illnesses, and that means you must find ways to prevent bites. The best way to avoid mosquito bites is by keeping the insects away from you, and there are several ways to do this. By using a variety of control methods, you can avoid contracting diseases such as:

• West Nile virus
• Dengue fever
• Yellow fever
• Malaria

Controlling female mosquitoes or keeping the insects away involves understanding the various life cycles that include:

• Egg
• Larva
• Pupa
• Adult

There are ways to reduce the numbers of adult mosquitoes by controlling the insects’ eggs, larva and pupa before these items hatch or grow. With control of immature mosquitoes, you are less likely to experience bites from adult female insects that are seeking blood.

Control Method One: Eliminating Breeding Locations

Adult female mosquitoes lay eggs on standing water that is located in natural waterways such as ponds or lakes but also use breeding locations such as old tires, children’s wading pools and flowerpots. Make sure to get rid of clutter on your property that can hold standing water, and it is also possible to drain small ponds or lakes to prevent large populations of mosquitoes.

Control Method Two: Barriers that Prevent Invasion

To keep mosquitoes from entering a home, install new window screens with closely woven mesh. Make sure that the crevices around windows and doors are sealed tightly to keep mosquitoes from entering. If you live in a geographic zone where there are large populations of mosquitoes, then hang mosquito netting on the ceilings above beds to wrap around you at night to prevent bites.

Control Method Three: Biological Methods

You can introduce natural mosquito predators to your property to control the population of this blood-sucking insect. Certain species of lizards such as geckos and insects such as dragonflies will consume mosquito eggs and adults, leading to a reduced population of this biting insect. It is also possible to order sterile mosquito males from insect breeders to introduce to your property. These male mosquitoes will breed with the female mosquitoes, but no eggs are produced, helping to reduce the population of insects in the area.

Control Method Four: Natural and Chemical Repellents

When you are traveling to other locations, you can keep female mosquitoes away with offensive repellent sprays or specialized soaps. Soaps and sprays designed as repellents contain natural oils or manufactured chemicals that adult female mosquitoes will avoid. There are also manufactured devices that emit ultrasound noises that some species of mosquitoes avoid coming near, leading to a reduction of bites for people in the vicinity.

Control Method Five: Larva Destruction before Hatching

It is possible to control the population of adult mosquitoes by eliminating the larvae that are floating on the surfaces of standing water. If you cover the water surfaces of ponds or swimming pools with plastic, then the larvae are unable to breathe and will die. Keeping certain species of fish in ponds, rivers or lakes is another way to reduce the adult population of mosquitoes because fish will eat the larvae before the items hatch.

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