Aedes Mosquitoes

Aedes Mosquitoes

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Aedes Mosquitoes
If mosquitoes are buzzing around your property and making life miserable, then it is time for you to form an earth-friendly battle plan. There is no reason why you can't enjoy your summer cookouts in clean air.

Know Your Enemy

Some of the Aedes mosquitoes can cause viruses that bring fevers and encephalitis. Their bite can bring with it different problems such as:

Zilka fever
Yellow fever

Identify the Intruder

Aedes mosquitoes have distinctive black and white markings on their legs and bodies. The upper thorax area displays an additional marking that is similar to a lyre. Their ability to adapt and reproduce has carried them to every continent except Antarctica.

Know Their Habits

Resiliency is the characteristic of this insect. The female can lay from 100 to 300 eggs in more than 14 different locations. If this isn't amazing enough, the eggs can survive and be viable in dry conditions for a year. Though most mosquitoes bite at night, the Aedes mosquito is active in early morning and just before dusk.

What Attracts Them?

Mosquitoes live and breed in standing water. Remove their cozy homes, and you'll discourage their presence. Look around your property for old tires that collect rainwater; additionally, old buckets and tarps are ideal spaces for their pleasure.

Clean up clutter, and wave bye-bye to their presence at every outdoor festivity. Check for clogged gutters and down spouts. A few minutes of maintenance destroys their stale living areas.

Invite Insects That Have Mosquitoes On Their Menus

The garden-friendly praying mantis feeds on insects. Bats, frogs, turtles and fish eat mosquitoes. Put out some bird feeders, and invite this insect-feeder in your garden. Because dragonflies eat larvae when they are in the aquatic stage, they are also beneficial. Spiders should be welcome in your organic landscape.

Install Eco-Friendly Preventative Measures

Bug traps and netting cut down on the flying insect population. Citronella is effective as a natural remedy. Light some candles, and make a natural spray from an essential oil like lemon eucalyptus.

Now that you know more about the Aedes mosquito, you have the tools to eliminate the invader with an environmentally-friendly solution. You deserve an outdoor living space that is mosquito free.

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