Home Remedies For Mosquito Bites

Mosquito bites on arm

Mosquito bites on arm

Mosquito bites

Home Remedies For Mosquito Bites

We have all experienced the annoyance of mosquito bites. When they happen you usually want to stop the itch and irritation as soon as possible. There are some natural remedies that you can use that are probably in your cupboards and medicine cabinets right now.

Honey is a common kitchen staple that is both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, exactly the properties you need to help mosquito bites. Honey will help prevent infection. Simply apply a dab of honey to the bites. Raw honey is best if you have it.

Aloe Vera is a common household plant and many people have aloe gel. Aloe is widely known to help soothe the skin and also has anti-inflammatory properties. It is a good treatment to help heal wounds and prevent and treat minor skin infections. Aloe will also help with the itchiness of the mosquito bites. Apply the gel directly to the bites for relief.

Baking soda is in virtually every kitchen and can be used to help relieve the swelling and itching of mosquito bites. Mix baking soda and water to make a thick paste. Apply a generous amount of the paste to your bites. Leave the paste on for around ten minutes before washing off.

Ice will help to reduce the inflammation and provide quick relief. If you have an ice pack wrap it in a washcloth and apply to the affected area for ten minutes. The cold will help numb the skin and helps with the itching. If you do not have an ice pack you can fill a bag with crushed ice and use it in the same way.

Oatmeal has been a remedy for swelling and itching of the skin for ages. You can make a paste out of oatmeal and water in equal parts. Apply to one side of a cloth and hold against the bites for ten minutes and rinse. An oatmeal bath can also be very effective for widespread areas. Pour one to two cups of oatmeal into warm bath water and soak for up to thirty minutes. You may also want to rub the oatmeal onto the affected areas while in the bath for more relief.

You may have basil in your kitchen. Basil has compounds in it that have been shown in studies to relieve itching. It also is anti-inflammatory which can help with swelling. Basil can also help to repel mosquitoes. If you have fresh basil you can chop it up and rub on mosquito bites. If you have dried basil you can make a rub from it by boiling a cup of water and adding two tablespoons of dried basil. Steep the basil as you would tea and allow to cool. Apply the basil water to the affected area with a clean cloth.

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