Orkin Mosquito Control

orkin mosquito control

orkin mosquito control

While many pest control companies try to fight the symptoms of an underlying problem, Orkin takes a different approach: they go straight to the source. This company performs a comprehensive, detailed examination of your home and property and looks for areas where mosquitoes might breed. They then attack the source of the problem and take care of it for good, rather than providing a temporary solution.

While the poisons used can be harmful to pets and children, they need only avoid the treated areas until they dry. This usually takes no more than one to two hours. And even if they are exposed to the chemicals, household pesticides are prepared in very low concentrations -- more than enough to kill bugs, but not enough to harm larger creatures.

Pricing for Orkin's mosquito services varies from person to person. Orkin strives to provide each customer with a specific, personalized plan for their unique situations. As a result, one generic price doesn't work. Consider calling your local office; they will be familiar with the landscape and can provide a ballpark estimate that can then be solidified after a comprehensive survey of your property from a pest control specialist.

The frequency with which Orkin comes to your property to perform treatments will be based on your personalized plan. If your property is host to a number of landscaping issues which result in standing water and provides breeding grounds for mosquitoes, it may require more frequent visits than a property without standing water. Of course, part of the customized plan will be landscape modification; when changes can be made to the physical layout of your property, you can prevent mosquitoes from breeding.

The initial consultation with Orkin is free. The consultation will include advice on how to minimize mosquito breeding grounds, such as cleaning the gutters more often, emptying standing water from buckets, and more. And all of Orkin's customers are subject to ongoing monitoring and maintenance; if one mosquito treatment program doesn't work, then they will work with you to find a method that does. The company is friendly and reliable, focused on helping the families they serve live more comfortable lives.

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