Thermal Homemade Mosquito Fogger

Most thermal homemade mosquito foggers are made from old riding mowers or old push lawn mowers. This homemade mosquito fogger is completely different. It looks dangerous, but looks like it works, it definitely produces smoke. He is using spiral chopper tube (temporary) burned by propane gas, pumping diesel fuel and Malation into spiral to make smoke. His recipe is 1 part malathion and 20 part kerosene or diesel. if need to be more potent, you can use 1 to 11, but be aware he is also wearing a GAS MASK. We do not recommend you use this, we recommend using a mosquito control company that is using approved equipment and licensed applicators, but if you have decided to make your own thermal mosquito fogger, here is another option for you if you don't have an old mower to use to transform.

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